If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Are the cats at the cafe available for adoption?

Yes. But only in-house. Refer to our adoption policy.

Can I bring my own food and drink into the cafe?

No. Only edibles purchased at the cafe can be consumed on the premises.

Do you serve cooked food on the premises?

Toasted sandwiches , catfee (coffee), tea, soft drinks, water, etc and a variety of tarts, muffins, cakes.

Can I bring my own cat from home to the cafe?

Sorry no! This will upset our resident cats.

How much does it cost to visit the cafe?

The entrance fee is R30 PER HOUR.

Are gift vouchers available?


Do I have to book?

In bad weather, bookings  are recommended for the indoor cafe. Please check in no later than 10 minutes of your booked time, to avoid your booking being opened up to walk-in(s).

Are there any age restrictions to entering?

As with the majority of cat cafes in the world , we too have an age restriction of 10 years old. For further information contact Valerie Steinmann 0833572527.

What is the capacity of visitors at the cafe?

As the well being of our cats are our priority, the maximum number of people allowed in the indoor cafe is 8 and the outdoor 55.

Can we book the venue for an event?


How many cats do you currently have?

We have reached the maximum number of cats permissible-22.


Cat Heaven offers in-house adoptions. If you love cats, and for some reason (be it living in an estate that do not allow pets, or having a dog that hates cats, or living in an old age home, etc), you can become a Pawparent and adopt a cat at Cat Heaven. A Pawparent does not pay an entry fee, instead sponsors his or her cat(s) to the value of R130 per month. You may visit your cat as many times as you wish and will receive weekly text messages and a selfie from your cat . Your cat also celebrates Catmas and your birthday with gifts, etc. This fee assists in covering the costs of food, medical care and general maintenance of your cat.

“It is with much sadness that I recall the day I was forced to return my rescue cat to the SPCA. The pain and memory of giving up my Siamese 51 years ago is still so vivid. (A family member was told that he was allergic to cats and this was the cause of his asthma, it turned out to be an incorrect diagnosis, as he later had 11 cats of his own).

No cat or person should endure such pain. This is the reason, says Valerie, that we offer adoptions for people unable to have a cat at their own home.

It’s catagious. So join our In-House Adoption Family and love a rescue cat. Meow.


  1. We reserve the right to refuse entry and service to anyone.
  2. If you do anything that we consider detrimental to the well-being of our cats, you WILL be removed.
  3. Cats are volatile and unpredictable, so please DO NOT agitate them.
  4. Cat Heaven management will not be liable for any emotional, physical, personal or property damage suffered whilst on the property of Cat Heaven ; be it the result of negligence, willful action or recklessness. We hope you enjoy this exclusive cat cafe experience. Happy Meows