Local resident, Valerie Steinmann, (mum of 2 fur children of her own, Tigger who passed on at the age of 16 and Jinx currently 17) spent the past 20 years travelling the world and it was in Thun, Switzerland, where she discovered “a cat lover’s paradise”.

It was then that she started her collection of gifts for her shop. Fulfilling her  passions of travelling, cats and shopping, (and although currently engaged in the study of Ethology, specializing in cats) Valerie constantly travels, searching for unique gifts.

On the request of customers, Cat Heaven also carries gifts for cats.


Locsley-Bleau became a paw parent to Sunshine a year ago and since then all the cats and staff of Cat Heaven have become a huge part of our lives! Our weekly visits are always special with the kitties always entertaining us with their antics! The staff are exceptional and truly love their special fur babies which is so evident when one visits! Cat Heaven is a place of love, relaxation and pet therapy.. a truly fantastic cause and we are so blessed to be a part of it


Stewart, Megan and I have been visiting the cafe since it opened last year. We were so impressed with the concept of cat cafe that we each adopted a kitty in-house as soon as we could. We have been regular visitors since then and love the ambience and peaceful feel of the cafe. It is wonderful to go and sit quietly with the cats and spend calming time with them. We also love getting our weekly photos and gifts on our special days. The coffee and cake is always delicious and the staff friendly. I enjoy taking and sharing photos of the kitties and love being involved as much as I can be. We will continue to be dedicated cat cafe paw-parents, we love it!!

– Alison Rogers


I want to tell you about the one little pendant i got for Kiera.  I knew what it was but I wasn’t sure if the staff did.  It is a beautiful little pendant container that you can add some ashes to.  I’ve seen these and always wanted to get so imagine how happy i was to stumble across one right there.  There is also a company in South Africa that makes lovely pendants like these.  I will see if I can find their details – It’s something like Always With You or some such.

– Aurora